WELCOME EARTHLINGS | John and the Real Space Alien Girl

WELCOME EARTHLINGS John and the Real Space Alien Girl

EINSTEIN’S REGRET Podcast #3 (13’56”)

In a dystopian society of a 21st century America, fires raged in California, hurricanes flooded Texas, Florida, and devastated Puerto Rico, while the government denied climate change. The New York Times also reported that the Department of Defense ran a UFO identification program “on the fifth floor of the Pentagon’s C Ring, deep within the building’s maze.” 

John and Umea 2 poster

In an inter-dimensional vortex at a pagan temple in the Mojave Desert, John met Umea, the real space alien girl. Just down the road is the Nevada National Security Site, or N2S2. (We want to make it clear that N2S2 is not related in any way to R2D2). A human and an alien join forces to bring the voices of truth, justice, and Love to the airwaves of independent radio to lift the planet to a plane of transcendent and universal peace…or more simply put by Umea: “Humans, please, stop killing each other.” 

Earthlings, the Revolution is Now. 


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